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Posted by Dale Phelps on June 20, 1999 at 23:32:05:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Tubas for around $2000? posted by Sean Chisham on June 20, 1999 at 14:22:27:

Last year when I sold my 184 BBflat (and another horn) to get my B&M, the guy I sold
it to was very happy to get the 184 for 3200. It was in really mint shape
and a GREAT player as well, was selected out for me by Tommy Johnson
and Tony Clements in 1983. For that price the buyer also got one of those crummy
old mirafone "air flight bags" and a 186 hard case, which the 184 fit into
quite nicely in the "crummy" air flight bag (there's a tip for you all
if anyone's listening) Now that said, about two weeks after Byron bought the horn
he came back to me saying that for 300 more he could have gotten a NEW
186 from Brasswind (he is still VERY happy with the 184 though.) Prices on these I guess fluctuate up and down sometimes,
I don't know. I bet they'd be willing to bargain, and a careful shopper still shouldn't have to pay more than 3 grand for a miraphone 4-valve, heck I do not know a single student in the area (SF Bay) who has paid more than 4K for a 186-5U CC in the last three years, and there are like 7-8 of them who got new horns in that period.
Sean maybe the hubbub isn't so much Joe's asking price, maybe it's just that he is a retailer and lately when a hopeful buyer posts Joe is there to offer a horn to fill the need - and I think that might be bugging people way more than whether or not as a merchant he makes money or not. If you think about it, Baltimore Brass
doesn't plug a horn to sell any time someone asks a question, neither does
Custom or Dillon's or even TE. However ALL of these business people are listed/advertise on the "Shops" page of the BBS I know private sellers will from time-to-time say "contact me" when they see a hopeful buyer. It is funny though that one seller (a retailer!) gets so much bile flowing - NOW with THAT said listers, I have spoken with Joe S. on the phone, we talked at length and corresponded about the big Holton he sold through here some months ago. I found him congenial and pretty much a stand-up sounding kind of guy, so please don't flame me for trying to keep discussion here above board-even though I might have a contrary opinion. Heck I know I have ruffled feathers here, I sure won't begrudge anyone else for doing the same!

Regards to all,


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