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Posted by Joe S. on June 20, 1999 at 18:45:17:

In Reply to: Any suggestions ? posted by Mike on June 20, 1999 at 17:55:10:

Mike, I hate to admit this, but I tried to get my daughter (now a promising 12-year-old french horn player - Mozart, etc.) to play the trumpet. She actually did for a year, and she now plays both. My casual violinist 10-year-old son wanted to play the drums (I cured that by never getting him any. [Many know that I own a music store.]) or the sax (same solution). I have pushed the son to the trumpet, now. I think (at least from my experience) there is a shortage of really fine trumpeters in most cities, and with the trumpet, virtually all musical genres are opened up. Although he complained at first, he now likes the trumpet very much (is working on bugleing for Scouts), and at first avoided being interested in it because he thought it would be "hard" (as compared to sax "(AACCKKKK)" or drums (").

If the trumpet thing REALLY bothers you, just go out and buy your nephew a nice shiny baritone horn. Suddenly, he will think about playing the baritone (whoops! "EUPHONIUM").***

>>>As to the aesthetics of pursuing the trumpet vs. low brass...well, SOMEBODY has to wear flashy clothes, drive sports cars, and brag loudly and incessantly.<<< ;^/

***Don't buy the bari...ahem...EUPHONIUM from me. According to secret agents below, I will "rob" you or "rip you off", because I might charge you $150 (or even more!!!) more than I paid for it.

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