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Posted by Joseph Felton on June 17, 1999 at 08:41:19:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Marzan CC Tuba for Sale posted by Dave Y. on June 16, 1999 at 23:31:53:

Upon rereading your initial post I can begin to see why you may have been taken aback by Jim's post. If I may paraphrase your initial post.. you seem to be saying that you don't know what the Marzan is worth but that you are making an offer and can't afford to offer more beyond that point. Read in this light, Jim's post does seem to be a little out of line.

However, It is also possible to read your message as suggesting that the Marzan is worth no more than a St. Pete! I'm not about to enter a debate about the relative merits of your particular horn but I can say with a moderate amount of confidence that Steven will more than likely receive offers that excede the going rate for a *new* St. Pete. At this point it would appear that you have insulted a poor defenseless Marzan tuba. In this light I think that Jim's post begins to make a lot more sense. Although he lacks some tact it is clear that Jim does possess the integrity to speak his mind. Personally, I think integrity is one of the noblest virtues a person can posses. *That* certainly puts a different spin on things doesn't it. Jim goes from a tuba insulting jerk to a noble man of integrity based solely on different interpretations of a two line post!

Point of order: I'm pretty certain your tuba wasn't insulted.. you were. I'm relatively sure that your tuba has't suffered any long term self esteem loss as a result of this intercourse and that any resulting corrosion will be very marginal. ;b
(note: the above was meant to be funny.. please laugh accordingly..)

The moral of the story: Take the time to reread your post before posting.. put yourself in the place of the person reading it. Does it really say what you want it to say?
Second moral of the story.. when reading new posts place yourself in the position of the person that wrote it.. perhaps they didn't follow moral number 1.. give them the benefit of the doubt.. if you aren't certain what is being said.. ask!

joseph :)

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