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Posted by Joseph Felton on June 17, 1999 at 07:54:01:

In Reply to: Marzan CC Tuba for Sale posted by Steven Vornov on June 16, 1999 at 20:39:25:

Alright folks, here's my two cents for what terribly little it is worth:
Buy this horn! I have no clue what it will ultimatley go for but I'm certain that it will be far less than what it is actually worth. For reasons that totally escape me Marzan tubas tend to be very under valued. I don't know Steven, and I haven't played his horn but if it is like the few that I have blown on it probably has great intonation, response, and a large dark orchestral sound. I would go so far as to place Marzan tubas in the same league as the current big name brands(i.e. Hirsbrunner, Perantucci, Rudy Meinl, Melton). If you have the opportunity to play Stevens horn do so. My suspicion is that you will begin to appreciate what I am referring to. If I didn't already have a great horn of my own I would probably be knocking Steven's door down in hopes of getting this horn for myself. Nuff said? Feel free to disagree with me if you've played a Marzan before. But this is my oppinion and I'm stickin' to it! ;b

Steven: If I were you I would call up Fred Marzan. I believe he is living in the Cincinati area but I don't know his phone number. Fred has a very strong penchant for collecting horns he has designed and will more than likely be more amiable toward paying what your horn is really worth. Even if he isn't interested in your horn he will most likely pass along your name to a student that is. If you can't locate him drop me an email and I'll make a few phone calls and track him down.

joseph :)

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