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Posted by Steve Skov on August 01, 2002 at 11:46:31:

In Reply to: Bass Lines posted by dh on July 31, 2002 at 12:14:55:

What music are you into? Whatever you are into, get out the raido and play along with tunes. Yeah, that is a little vague, isn't it. I play along with a lot of the old Motown records. That is funky blasts of fun. James Jamerson was one of the early masters of funky bass playing. There is a bass book called, "Standing in the Shadows of Motown' (am not sure of the publisher) which talks about his life, playing and tidbits. A play-along tape (maybe CD now) which is along the same lines as the Abersold books (spelling?) which had the music with or without the basss depending on which side the balance nob was turned to.
The Rufus Reid (Ried, Rdie) 'Evolving Bassist' is another good one, as earlier mentioned. He has a really good section on bass lines and things one might be interested in for beginning the trek to walking bass lines. The book also includes some great pics of Rufus in stylish 70s hairdo like "Undercover Brother'. Great book to pick up for bass lines. That book could be a good lead into the Jamey Abersold books.
Abersolds are really good when you want to practice what you are learning because it has a rhythm section for you to play with. If the balance is turned to one side, you can dictate who is in the mix. One side it is just bass and the other it is just drums. The piano is on both sides. There are a million or four of these books. Any book for trombone is good since it is in bass clef.
One thing I found with the Mel Bay books is that they tend to be square. sorry to be the devil's advocate, but being a bassist I had to say it. I think those books are great for the beginning bassists. As far as a tubist going on these books, if it works. Great. There is better. Do the Mel Bay books use tabulature? I rest my case.
Of course, how could one not mention Sam Pilafian (spelling?). Anything you can get from him is good listening. he can lay down a mean walking bass line!
I am trying to remember what I did. Playing the bass guitar makes it really easy. It is only a matter of converting to tuba. Listen and play along to stuff. I listen to motown, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jaco Pastorius, Tower of mind is melting just thinking about it. if you can hear it and put it through the horn, you can do it.
I'll dig through my bass books and see what I can find and return. Hope you find this jabber helpful.
Steve Skov
USAF Band of Liberty

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