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Posted by Klaus on July 30, 2002 at 02:03:39:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Mirafone 186 for sale - great condition posted by Dan Malcore on July 30, 2002 at 00:48:08:

Towards whom should we in the community of this board show respect?

Towards a seller, who clearly states, that his inflated price demand is not a matter of his own evaluation of the instrument, but rather an expression of his financial needs? Please read this posting of the current thread:

which is a reply to a poster with some memory, that apparently is accurate enough to be worth replying to. Some memory based on

Or should we show respect towards the less experienced reader of this board, who might assume, that any uncontested offer promoted on this board will reflect a fair market price? And hence, by our passivity, mislead this poor buyer to do an unwise investment?

The richness of this board is plentiful:

There is some fluff in form of humour and insider/private jokes. This is one of the greases needed in any social context. There also are some less pleasant side-effects of a such context.

But mainly this board is helpful towards those who ask.

It is informative. As a collector I have had my horizon widened considerably here. And I might have given a hint or two in return.

Of course this board is promoting personal biases. Which can not be avoided in any context of human diversity. And which is fairly easy to read through, when it comes to frequent posters. But then there is a profound strive for honesty. A recent sample that struck me, was this posting from a died-in-CC-and-F-person:

And then this board initiates something, that should not be underestimated: a huge and complex web of private communication, that would never exist without this board. I have some knowledge, that has been of a very specific monetary benefit for another poster or two. But then I have been warned off quite a few "sweet" offerings luring collectors.

Many of us have had our noses tweaked, when it in someone's opinion has been put a bit too far to the front. Some of us are so aware of, what we are doing, that we will take the time to tell someone his opinion being wrong. This posting being a sample of that.

It is VERY healthy, that this board punctures inflated asking. Especially when the inflation, as here, has been very effectively proved and admitted by the person asking.

The instrument in question clearly worth buying. At the right price.


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