6/4 Tuba case for sale

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Posted by Micky Wrobleski on July 27, 2002 at 12:26:07:

Hello all-

If aznyone is interested in a hard case that will fit most 6/4 tubas, please email me. I recently picked up a Walt Johnson Case and no longer am in need of it. It is really really big, and it made it to London, England and back and kept the horn well protected and itself only received a couple of abrasions.

Kinda funy story, GP and I were in an elevator going down at the London Hilton on Park Lane when some people got in with us. Naturally, they were curious what was in this thing. One of the folks said, "Wow, that's really big." To which GP replied, "That's where we keep the bodies." After a sort of uncomfortable chuckle, on eo f the others asked what was in the box. Without looking back or missing and in a very serious tone I replied "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." It was a very quiet ride to the bottom.

Anyway, if eanyone is interested in such a case, I'm looking to get $400 for it, whice is a bit less than what I payed for it initially.

Micky Wrobleski

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