Mike Johnsons's tuba conversions

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Posted by Klaus on July 26, 2002 at 11:53:55:

Of course all of you have noticed my interest in Mike's work and in his cimbasso plans.

For the time being Mike has no picture host. I have taken the chance to upload the pics, that Mike sent me (he gave his permission) to the page of another list, that I subscribe to.

I will quote my reply to Mike, and he hopefully will comment the pics:

"Hi Mike

Mightily impressive craftsmanship!

My immediate impression is, that the upright conversion is made on basis of a Sovereign Eb body, whereas the Orenaphone seems to combine a most likely Besson comp valve block (with the direction of the 3rd comp loop altered) with a most like YEB321 set of bell and outer branches.

As you have gone out of your way to change the direction of the comp loop, I must deduce that, the instrument still is functional as a 4 valve comper. Only I can not detect the placement of the 4th piston.

On contrast you seem to have given up on the compensation on the upright tuba. Instead the intonation seems to be controllable through the high loop of the main bugle and through adjustments of the 2nd and 1st (or is it the 4th)bugles.

I have a couple of options to have these pictures posted, even if I have no net page myself. But a posting certainly would need a few words of yours to be understandable.

Thank you for the pics!"


PS: The instrument first shown is called the Orenaphone!

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