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Posted by J. Beish on July 24, 2002 at 20:41:22:

In Reply to: PT-20!!! posted by Eric on July 24, 2002 at 18:26:42:


I do my all around playing on a Hirsbrunner. It has served me well in orchestral, band, solo, and very well in brass quintet/ensembles. The intonation is exceptional except for a stuffy Db/C# below the staff. The upper register is very surprising as well. I play an HB2 five rotary valved model and I would classify it as a large 4/4 pushing a 5/4. I was lucky to find one the was handmade from the 70's and its quality and craftmanship is revealed in its unique sound. I feel it is an ideal orchestral horn. I also feel it is one of the most versatile instruments available. I would highly recommend a Hirsbrunner to anyone.

As for the PT20, I have also played around with one at a convention a while ago and was very impressed. But, I don't have any experience with ensembles.

I have never picked up a Conn that I didn't think was the best horn for its value. I've recommended these horns to a few high school aged students to look into. I've also recommended the BBb version of the horn to the high school that I attended. However, the Conn may be a great value but I've felt that it struggles in an orchestra- lack of big sound. Its a fine instrument but its probably not what you are looking for...

Every Willson CC I've ever played sounded and felt like there was a sock in the bell... so stuffy! Marty Erickson swears by them but I've played his and I was not comfortable what so ever playing it. It reminded me of how stuffy some MW horns can be.

My recommendation to you... go try more horns. When you have convinced yourself that the tuba you are playing/trying out is the best horn you've ever played, buy it. It might not be any of the horns you've listed, it might be a Sanders or a VMI or a Yorkbrunner... its up to you. If you can, invite your teacher to accompany you to offer an outside ear to offer advice. He'd love to go with you, I'm sure.

I wish you luck in your search and if I can help you anymore, please email me.
Justin Beish

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