Gold Drilled Out (23/64) Conn2 MP 4 Sale

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Posted by Marty Neilan on July 24, 2002 at 15:19:48:

I am selling my gold plated Conn2 mouthpiece that has been expertly drilled out to 23/64". The mouthpiece and gold plating are in excellent condition. The medium V cup (helleberg) gets a very clear responsive sound. A stock Conn2 has a very narrow opening, but this increase lets a lot more air get into the horn. I used this as a quintet mouthpiece for a few months on my big horn until I found a slightly better (for me) alternative.

An intersting obersvation is that this mouthpiece plays slightly sharper since drilled out - I have had to pull the tuning slide an inch more than usual. Intonation is unchanged, just overall pitch is up slightly. I am wondering if that is because of a bigger opening, or maybe because the backbore is now more cylindrical than before (drill out a taper and it becomes a cylinder).

First $44.00 which INCLUDES priority mail shipping; US only.

This is like paying for the gold plating and getting the mouthpiece for free - I could just use the cash right now. This is the last time I will bother the BBS with this, it goes on 'that' auction site in a few days.

EMail martyneilan(AT)

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