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Posted by Cryotuba on February 02, 2001 at 01:23:48:

In Reply to: Re: Re: cryogenic tuba freezing posted by Steve Inman on February 01, 2001 at 21:56:25:

Hwow many tubas have you personally frozen then played on? The test I used was Both before and after, the same music, the same mouthpiece, and all of the slides set exactly the same. Sure maybe my brain was differnt, sure maybe i thought it worked, but my horn played better. The valves work better,
and the sound is a bit better. I find it odd that people who nay say somethin, but they have not even tried what ever they are talking negative about.

a few interesting facts about frozen things, that have been tested
Engine springs last longer
engine overall has more horse power everything in the test was the same but the engine had cyogenics done in a before after test
baseball bats are more dent resitant
My personal tuba most definently plays different
My valves work really good!!!

I personally did this test on an instrument that I owned for four years, and played a lot. I had to think about it a ton before I did it, and I talked
to a lot of people before I did it. Brass does change over time and one basic effect of cryogenics it basically aging the brass.
I think there are a lot of things about instruments people could improve on if only they did a little testing and I would hate to discourage people from using their brains, and reading about things, asking questions about things, and then deciding for themself what to do. When testing is involved there
is always a risk, but if you are educated about it, there is less of a risk.

I'm sure your rather well educated freind means well, but instruments are a little different, than just a chunk of metel
a hand made tuba with all the same parts as a machine made tuba plays different the argument of it is just metel doesn't hold true in this case
same metel peices put together in different ways play very different. So instruments and how they are cared for, and modified
does make a difference. it may be small and some people would never notice, but if you are in a position to notice it makes a difference

sorry to type so much but it irritated me when people talk through second hand expereince

Go out and melt a horn, freeze a horn, jump up and down on a horn, then come back to me and we will talk do some real tests for yourself

Notice: I take no resonsibility for any negative or undesirable things that may happen if you do the previously mentioned

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