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Posted by Matt G on February 01, 2001 at 08:41:02:

In Reply to: C scale posted by Dr. Frederick J. You on January 31, 2001 at 15:22:09:

It can be done if one has a 5V CC with the whole step configuration on a fairly in tune tuba. The pitches woud have to be lipped due to time constraints, however it would be "in tune". In fact, this scale can be done at 120, however the openness of the aperture does not alow this to be tongued easily however it can be slurred. So, in a register this low scales become more useless in a musical context, because clarity is lost if the scale is slurred at this speed especially to listeners in the back of a concert hall especially if it is a "live" room. This flexibility does have its merits for expanding of mastery of the instrument, however as Joe S. mentioned, if it isn't an orchestral excerpt, most people won't be able to play it. Even though I know that Joe S. and other people like myself might not fully believe in that philosophy, meaning we should be able to play above and beyond the limitations of written literature, people are many time only going to do what they have to do but do it to the best of their abilities, i.e. Arnold Jacobs. Also, I would like to ask, your creation plays notes in tune in a even temperment scale I'm assuming, but how well does it do in just temperment. I know that we don't have to play fifth's and thirds in a chord, but they come up more often than the scale you mention.

Matt G

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