Converting a CC to BBb.. easy?

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Posted by wannabe craftsman on January 31, 2001 at 20:05:34:

Just a ponderance of mine... I was thinking about this today, and although it seems to be perfectly logical, I thought I'd ask some of the experts to make sure it made sense, and that there wasn't some huge fundamental flaw that I'm missing.

In 5 easy steps! (ideal scenario)

1: I have a CC tuba.
2: For some reason or another I want to make it play as a BBb tuba.
3: I somehow extend the main tuning slide(which comes between the leadpipe and the valveset)... (maybe even just get a longer tuning slide? A wrapped slide, maybe?)
4: I adjust the valveslides accordingly.
5: My CC tuba is now a BBb tuba.

Now, it all seems logical to me, but can it really be that simple? If so, by how much would the main tuning slide have to be extended? Each valveslide? Now, assuming all of this is as "simple" as it sounds, could manufacturers not make a single model tuba (say, F), and sell slide adjustment kits to convert it to any key? Or even just a CC that converts to BBb, or an F to EEb in the same manner.... granted there would be some other issues with the horn's characteristics, but that first bit seems to me like a good way to make a marginally-in-tune CC horn into an extraordinary BBb horn.. (having been 'extended' by the player of the horn, all calculations and modifications could be customized to suit him/her, etc etc etc).

One other thing.. (still under the assumption that all of this is actually realistic)... what would be the cost for somethinglike this? For example... just a longer wrapped tuning slide would cost how much? etc. etc. Curios!

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