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Posted by Steve Dedman on January 31, 2001 at 19:19:34:

In Reply to: C scale posted by Dr. Frederick J. You on January 31, 2001 at 15:22:09:

Of course if you have a vertical tuning slide, a simple t-handle on the main slide eliminates the need to pull multiple slides, as well as the necessity of venting the valves. Also, if the tuning slide is long enough, then theoretically it would eliminate the need for a 5th valve and compensating system as well. After all, trombonists can move a well-lubricated slide a relatively large distance in a very short time. Of course, the slide part would have to be cylindrical except for the bow of the slide, so that would probably effect the sound somewhat. But a gifted craftsman could likely overcome that.

One other advantage. For those of us who are lazy enough to despise the key of F# major, a tuning slide that you could kick 1/2 step would allow us to play that key with the much more accessable F major fingerings.

How about a horn with 4 valves and a 3-position tuning slide? The middle position would be, say, for a CC tuba. The short position to raise it 1/2 a step to give easier flat keys, and the long position to give easier sharp keys. Your choice as to which sits easier on the horn. Shorten a slide, and Gb major is as easy as G major without transposing anything. Might even improve the tuning of the troublesome keys, like C#/Db, or E. I wonder how long such a slide would have to be.

Steve "can't wait to hear Joe's thoughts on this" Dedman

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