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Posted by Dr. Frederick J. Young on January 31, 2001 at 19:07:07:

In Reply to: Re: Re: C scale posted by longtime lurker on January 31, 2001 at 16:25:41:

A few years ago I complained to Yamaha that putting a trigger on a tuba did not make it a compensating tuba, but rather a tuba with a tuning trigger. I urged them to make a compensating tuba which they did in Eb. I tried it and it was terrible compared to my Besson compensating Eb tuba. They took my comments and arrived at Hamilton Trombone $ tuba workshop last April with another compensating Eb tuba which was really good. I believe it had 3 upright valves for the right hand and the fourth was operated by the left hand.

A few years ago I tried the Besson compensating F tuba having the valves on the front. It was really horrible compared to the B & H compensating F tubas Phil Catelinet and I used to play. Later I tried their compensating BBb tuba with front action valves and it played very well but was awkward for me to hold. My only complaint about it is the bore through the valves is smaller than I am used to.

I think although the zeitgeist is in the direction of compensating and full double tubas
it may take a long time before they are dominant. Think of the French horn. The double horn was patented by Gebr. Alexander in the 1870's and people still played natural horns til the 1930's and on. By 1900 many had changed to valve horns but it took a long time to convert to double horns. Now triple horns are gaining popularity.

I have invented a quadruple tuba with 3 quadruple valves and two switch valves. It would be pitched in GG, BB(natural) and Eb. The problem is getting quadruple valves made that would work fast.

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