occasionally practicing with earplugs

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Posted by accomplished pro on January 30, 2001 at 01:16:26:

Due to the absolute necessity of practicing for an important upcoming event and only having access to an overly-live room in which to practice, I felt the need to insert earplugs to increase aural clarity. I almost forgot the benefit of occasionally practicing with earplugs in both ears:

-I can hear EXACTLY how my embouchure is attacking and vibrating the pitches in the cup of the mouthpiece.

-I can hear the pitches themselves with a touch more clarity due to the elimination of a lot of the upper overtones and room harmonics.

-It tends to give the volume of the sound (coming out of the bell) a little boost of gusto, just because of the lack of some of the regular aural feedback. In other words, projection is increased beyond normal "practice room" efforts, which is noticed once the earplugs are removed.

Do this occasionally. You will benefit...


I know, I know: "Dale is the best. hahahahahaha" (or whatever)

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