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Posted by Mark on January 29, 2001 at 14:01:05:

In Reply to: Transition fro BBb to CC posted by RC on January 29, 2001 at 03:20:11:

First, congrats on getting a horn! I assume this will be your first one and getting a CC is definately the way to go in my opinion. Just owning your own instrument will be motivation to make the switch. I have had many students go through this process and I hope some of what I say will help.

First, find a block of time where you have at the minimum of three weeks of downtime...meaning no major concerts, auditions, etc... This is the amount of time I think most people need to get comfortable with seeing the note, hearing it and pressing down the right valve combination with minimum hesitation.

Second, in my opinion, there is no turning back! I have seen some try to learn CC fingerings while still playing a BBb and it has taken them much longer to make the transition. Make sure you have insurance on the horn, talk to your band director and see where you can leave your instrument during the day where it will be safe, play it exclusively it in and out of school. You want to get the feeling of the horn as well as the fingerings, so dive in and swim!

Third, I reccommend starting with some familar music, like some others have mentioned, but nothing too demanding. Also, start playing your scales from sheet music, not for memory. Once you start the scale, the normal patterns apply and it may help you make a connection when you are looking at the pitches. A reccommended etude book...Progressive Techniques for Tuba by Donald Knaub (I hope I got the name right, I bought it when I switched in the early 80's and the cover has been long lost.) Anyway, it has many helpful suggestions in the front, and the Blazevich etudes are included and they start in C major. I use the Blazevich books for my students during the switch and the 43 Etudes for Tuba - Bordogni as well. (Great books for many purposes if you dont own them already.)

Fourth, you will get into a period of frustration while switching. You may experience a time when you will look at a note and you can't remember either CC or BBb fingering! I call it the "Duh!" hurdle as in you just sit there, look at the note and say Duh! When you hit this, you know you are on your way there. BBb is in the past! Move forward and try not to get more frustated, it will come.

When you get through all of this, you will see it will be well worth it! Good luck and practice well!


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