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Posted by Cazz on January 28, 2000 at 19:30:37:

In Reply to: What Key? posted by Dave W. on January 27, 2000 at 14:55:38:

No need to change from what you are most familiar with whatsoever...

Don't be swayed by "horn snobbery", just have fun interacting with other musicians and making music.

There is a lot of CC talk here on the BBS becuase there are a lot of pros and would-be pros talkin', but there are just as many readers who playing all sorts of other horns in every possible type of ensemble imaginable.

In the pro world it is regarded (these days) as de-rigeur to have at least a couple of horns (a biggish and a smallish) because orchestrally, historically, the "tuba" was quite different instruments at various times in various countries. So it is simply a case of covering this varied repertoire "on the job" which is made a little easier by having a couple of horns. And by having different sound/style concepts for the different rep.

The biggish horns are usu. CC or BBb
The smallish horns are EEb and F

There are instruments made in a variety of bores/styles (geared towards orch, or solo, band, amateur, whatever), as any reader of this board would have noticed.

The need to change key simply for KEY's sake is an absolute nonsence.

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