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Posted by Tom Brekhus on January 27, 2000 at 17:09:03:

In Reply to: Real tuba v. FAKE tuba posted by Doug on January 26, 2000 at 22:23:44:

Interesting problem.

At any contest or festival, it is very important to follow the rules, and if the 6th grade kid is holding a prop and it is legal, it comes down to the director and what he says. Many festivals and music contests have rules about not being able to move down "better" players or players in a "higher" band to a "lower" band or "worse" band.

A question and two "related" stories:

Does anyone know if it is legal to move trumpet players to percussion players? I've seen this done before, but the trumpet players can and did actually play percussion

I spent nearly the entire marching season holding a clarinet and marching in a new spot because we only march 8 of 11 tubas (one guy does pit) and so, since we had an extra tuba or two, and a few ineligible clarinets...I was asked to learn a new spot on Monday that I would have to do Friday night! I did this on my own free will, and I had a blast and actually got to wear one of those silly marching band hats with the "plume" (sp?) on it, and I got to cut the fingers off of my gloves.

We had this problem X 1000 during our spring out-of-state band trip. My school has 3 bands, the "Honor" band, the "Symphonic" band, and the "Concert" band. Four tubas go to "Honor" band, usually the All Region and All State guys. The next four players go into "Symphonic" band, and then concert band gets anyone who is still available (done by audition) The state has the "no-pass-no-play" rule, so if you don't pass your class, you can't do any out of school activities. Well, the day that we were set to leave for our spring trip, the report card grades were given to the teachers. In our large band (I don't really know the numbers), we only had 3 people, including myself that were eligible to play during the trip, and two of us were tuba players! Since I had payed to go on the trip, I still got to go, but I never got to play because of others.

At least you get to play...and with the top band!

Thanks and good luck,


Also, does a cure for a "poor" woodwind section exist with the exception of using a box of matches ;) Our director gets on them every rehersal because the brass section just blows them away in almost every aspect of playing.

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