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Posted by Jay Bertolet on January 25, 2000 at 07:57:34:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Chicago Low Brass Section posted by Swami on January 25, 2000 at 00:08:13:

Thanks for the compliment, I really believe that this Mahler recording was our first real opportunity at getting some good PR for the FPO. You can imagine that the musicians were all pretty disappointed when the rest of the cycle fell through. This orchestra seems to have a real affinity for the works of Mahler, more so than some other more popular composers. We've already suggested the bit about producing our own recordings. In fact, with board members who are serious audiophiles and even have their businesses in the stereo equipment field, we figured that was an excellent choice with some real possibility. However, like most suggestions from musicians, management smiles politely and says "We'll look into that" and then we never hear anyore about it. Our music director just announced this week that he had made a deal with some label to record all the orchestral works of Bernstein. My reaction was I'll believe it when I see it...

I'm not sure when Kabin was at Michigan. This question came up before and I can't remember what the result of the discussion was but I do know he wasn't there when I was. I started in 1979 and graduated in 1984. I have heard the Tomasi a number of times as it was a popular piece at Michigan. Maybe Morris Kainuma can remember better how many times it was played during those years. There were just SO many good players in that studio and everybody was itching for work, what an environment!

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