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Posted by Mark on February 27, 2003 at 17:18:26:

In Reply to: Re: Re: BBb vs. CC for music major posted by Rick Denney on February 27, 2003 at 13:42:49:

As I wrote, I do need to go try some of the newer BBb models. But, I would also recommend a used top of the line instrument before a new second line instrument depending on cost and the scenario of the student's financial situation.

For example...a used HB-2 is currently on the market for $7200. I happen to like that particular model quite a bit. The best I ever sounded was when I played on one when I was in the Navy Band. (I hated giving it back!) I even liked it better than the HB-21 I used to own. Depending on its condition, I would look into that instrument before buying a $5,000 or so second line horn. (Certainly there is a debate to what constitutes second-line, but I am assuming that everyone would choose that term for whatever instrument they deem fit.) I honestly think that a person should get the instrument best suited for them whenever possible. If you choose a lessor instrument for you, you will always long for the one that got away!

In short, I think a person should try out as many instruments as possible and go for what you want (considering growth into the instrument for students...a challenge for us teachers to try to look into the future!) and let the cost be secondary whether that is a BBb, CC or what have you. Sometimes that may mean waiting until you can afford what you want.

I do consider your post insightful. I am looking forward to my trip to Dillon's to try out ALL the horns! (I better get there early or plan a weekend!)


P.S. "Kilobuck" will now be one of my favorite terms!

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