Proof that there is a God!

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Posted by Martin Cochran on February 27, 2003 at 12:05:03:

I get up this morning and go and teach private lessons to several middle school kids. I recently injured my foot, and am on crutches, unable to put any serious pressure on my right foot. I drive back home, get out of my car and hobble around to grab my horn. I might add that its raining and very cold at this point. I get my horn(in a gig bag) and manage to get up to the steps of my apartment building. I take the first step, crutches first, and proceed to lose my balance. At this point my natural instincts take over, I put my right foot down for balance, and immediately pick it up after a very painful reminder of why I'm on crutches in the first place. Three things happen after this: 1. I totally lose balance and fall backward 2. My horn( a Hirsbrunner exclusive euph in a protec gig bag) hits the concrete with a distinctive "thud" 3. I fall backward and land directly onto my horn. After uttering numerous obscenities(on my back in the rain) I pick up my horn and manage to get up the stairs with an air of solemn defeat. I sit down on my couch, almost in tears, and decide its time to have a look...

NO dents or dings of any kind. Not even a scratch. The bell crease I already have put in it hasn't even gotten bigger. I check the valves...perfect, no problem. I have hereby decided that due to this small miracle, there is definately a God, and he looks down favorably on those who occasionally display a severe lack of intelligence.


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