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Posted by Lee Stofer on February 27, 2003 at 09:20:13:

In Reply to: BBb vs. CC for music major posted by Stefan on February 27, 2003 at 06:41:45:

I would not push him to change to CC tuba, as it is completely unnecessary. If he wants to change, that is another matter. Virtually anything that can be played on a CC tuba can be played just as well on a BBb tuba. BBb tubas are naturally easier to play in-tune, and due to their key are particularly easier to play in-tune in most band situations. I have played tubas in F, Eb, CC and BBb professionally for over 25 years in many situations, and a really good BBb tuba continues to be the most versatile instrument available. When I was an undergrad student in the 1970's, not only was CC touted as being the only instrument for the serious tuba player, but it had to be a European rotary-valve instrument, too. I made the switch to CC, but I liked the piston valve feel, and was considered the oddball because I played my university's Holton 345 CC instead of one of the Mirafones. NO ONE in their right mind wanted to play the "old-fashioned" Holton, right? Funny, how fashion changes! I am planning to take an audition next month, and I'll have a BBb and an F with me.
I'd encourage the student to continue to study, and play the very best he can, as I also think there is a correlation between good players and good teachers. But, I'd encourage him to save the extra money and hassle and concentrate on his Music Ed. degree program instead of bothering with a CC tuba, particularly if he is not enthusiastic about switching to CC.

Lee Stofer

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