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Posted by Rob T on February 05, 2003 at 23:01:57:

In Reply to: Suite for Tuba-Haddad posted by Steven Marquardt on February 05, 2003 at 19:04:59:

Hi Steven,
I used the Haddad as one of my main college audition pieces two years ago and it will always have a special place in my heart :).
Here's some tips:
(disclaimer - this is all from memory, certain details may not be perfect).

In the first movement, the opening section is rhythmic and exciting but aim for huge contrast once you hit the slow section. Really sing out, and warm it up with some nice vibrato if you can. When the rhythmic section returns, take a close look at the markings (I believe there's a new 'marcato', or more accents, or something to that effect). This is another opportunity for contrast from the slow section...lots of front to the note, exciting, etc. Really practice all those little sixteenth-note things and get them sounding as clear as you can. (I ended up double-tonguing them).

In the second movement, watch you don't go too slow. I always hear a certain waltz-like quality, so try and make it dance if you can. Watch out for those two-note slurs off the top - don't chop off the second one. When you have the quarter note-eighth rest-dotted quarter figure about halfway through, give a little bit of accent on the syncopated note. Think of moving forward a little...this is your middle, contrasting section.
Remember to sing, it's a beautiful melody!

In the third movement, COUNT! The piano will throw you off, so rehearse with a piano as much as you can. Put a little accent on the important beats to keep the rhythmic feel. In the cadenza, it's all you, so be creative. I liked to slow the tempo right down to contrast the fast-moving opening section, and use plenty of rubato. Don't overblow the last notes - make them in tune. And watch those rhythms.

That's about general, this piece is very melodic, so enjoy each opportunity to make music out of it.
Good luck!!

Rob T

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