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Posted by Klaus on February 02, 2003 at 18:03:57:

Due to a fault by me a well know TubeNetter had problems accessing some of the pics, that I have uploaded.

That made me dig a bit deeper into the administrators' options of Yahoo Groups.

The result is, that I now have found out how to set the options of my groups, so that everybody can access the uploaded pictures and files without having to join any groups.

The original purpose was to upload high resolution scans of my collection of catalogues from yesteryears.

Since then I have found out how to scan the international brass market on 3 or 4 continents. When I find pictures, that are documenting makers, models, and whatever, when it comes to brass instruments, then I upload them.

I have the advantage of being able to read a few languages and of having moved behind the stage of the brass market. I even was picked to write the popular version of the history of a 200+ years old brass house:


The English translation has been done by a native English non-musician, which actually brings the text literally closer to my Danish text in syntax, than if I had re-written the text in English myself. There a few terrible mistakes in the translation, the worst one being, that "sætstykker" should not have been translated to set-pieces, but tuning bits.

The results of my picture collecting now are available to all at these sites


The most recent index in Word format with active hyperlinks will always be at the place linked to below here (but for the few moments, when I upload a newer version).

There are plans about improving the index situation. You will be informed, when they are activated.

There have been complaints, that the high resolution .pdf files are so large. But the intend was to make it possible for the truly interested brass aficionados to zoom onto the tiniest detail.

The picture, that hopefully appears above here, shows a Danish I. K. Gottfried F tuba from around 1920 or earlier. These old instruments are not bad, but they reveal a universe of sound, that is very different from the one we encounter today.


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