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Posted by on December 30, 2003 at 18:45:23:

In Reply to: Christmas Cheer posted by Santa Wannabe on December 29, 2003 at 17:21:56:

I appreciate your sentiments.

A local music store here was in charge of a "play it again" program. When really nice instruments were donated, the store alledgedly "traded" them for some of their own stock that were "more appropriate" for school use...hmm...

...and many of those donated instruments eventually somehow found their way to pawn shops.

There are not too terribly many "poor" in my city (one of the poorest in the Nation) without phone + optional services, working automobile(s), air conditioning, cable, and other amenities. Priorities are far more significant than "amount of wealth", in the United States - the country where virtually all are "wealthy" compared to most all other places in the world. In fact, in Russia when people were shown pictures of our "poor", they laughed because most pictures shown them of our "poor" were of fat people. Everywhere but in the US, "poor" is defined by not (even) having enough to eat.

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