Weril-Jupiter-Amati 3/4 size tubas

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Posted by Dave Hayami on December 29, 2003 at 02:47:11:

Hello, I have a few questions concerning smaller 4 valve tubas.Has anyone played the 3/4 sized horns these companies make(Weril 690/691,Jupiter 482, Amati 323) "back to back"to compare them? Has anyone compared them to older Conn 2-3-4-5J or the Olds-Reynolds-Bach/Mercedes 4v BBb tubas? Earlier on the board these three new horns came up in a thread about getting back into playing,I need to know for the other end of the age spectrum, 7th and 8th grade advanced players starting to use a 4th valve.Most of my students are too small for the old 186 or the YBB321 that I have been able to scrounge for my school.(I am on a very restricted budget and these small horns are about as high as I can go)Also on an earlier post, it was stated that the Jupiter 582 had an increasing bore size through the valves, is it the same for the smaller 482?
Thanks for any and all advice,
Dave Hayami

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