Looking for a cheap horn to resurrect

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Posted by Phil Stafford on December 29, 2003 at 02:29:46:

Greeting all and happy holidays. I'm looking for a small inexpensive (preferably not cheap...there's a difference) Eb or F Tuba. I'm pretty much guaranteed the big contrabasses for the next few years, but I want to get some work in on a small F horn to add to my abilities (solo work, quintet stuff...that kind of thing). I'm not too picky on the make or model as long as it has 3 valves and plays (Heck, it doesnt even have to do THAT much). I saw one on ebay that was for sale at $15.50 but is rising and I"m hoping to find one that I can be sure of getting.
On a related subject...any extra valves/slides would also be appreciated. I do a lot of work on my current horn and I would LOVE to play around with a project horn, especially if I can get it up to good playing condition.
Thanks for all the help. :D

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