Lowest note w/o horn

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Posted by Steve Mac on December 27, 2003 at 22:28:40:

I buzz on my mouthpiece often as part of my practice routine. Especially when I am away from my horn (could be days at a time when I am too busy to practice) I often use this as a necessary way to stay in touch. My question is...

How low can you blow. If I read the Bobo/stamp exercise right it goes awfully low. The lowest I have been able to assimilate into a scale pattern is F four ledger lines below bass clef. It takes so much air that to push myself for a lower note seems non-beneficial. Isn't it enough to do a little regular M.P. work to tune the embuchure and keep up the air? Any thought on that? I play with a bach 24AW and practice M.P. with a 24W (smaller back bore).

Steve "light headed but determined" Mac.

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