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Posted by Steve Marcus on December 27, 2003 at 07:37:48:

There was a big symphonic piece broadcast on this morning at approximately 7:00 EST. Unfortunately, the piece was not identified on the screen. I heard only the last ten minutes of the piece, which contained a beautifully exposed tuba part, including a short solo leading into a section with just low brass.

The piece was in E-flat major, 4/4 time. The unison theme stated by the entire orchestra was:


quarter note Eb
quarter note down to Bb
eighth note rest
eighth note up to Ab
eighth note G
eighth note F


eighth note triplet F-Eb-F
quarter note G


That melodic rhythm would hint at Bruckner, but the orchestral texture didn't sound exactly like his style.

I could not find this theme listed in the Barlow & Morgenstern Thematic Dictionary.

What is this piece?

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