Old Vs. New?

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Posted by Trade-offs? on December 24, 2003 at 10:13:37:

I'm thinking about a 'new' 4or5/4 Bb Tuba and am wondering if it's worth me seeking out a Vintage instrument converted to modern front-action valves or simply buying one of the excellent new-breed of Bb's available? Are these older instruments readily available?

I know it's really up to me to try a few tubas and decide for myself however....

Folks talk of 'trade-offs' in instruments new and old; great sound, less great intonation etc etc. If an older Bb had good intonation before a valve transplant, is it likely to retain those good tendancies with the 'new' valves?? Also, you bust-up a modern (in production) horn, you can replace a bell or whatever; not so with a vintage instrument.


What are the pros and cons in your opinions? : )


PS. Yo ho ho!

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