Tyrell Etude

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Posted by d on December 30, 2001 at 19:41:34:

I've got a question here, that when answered will probably seem obvious to me, but for now im kind of confused.

In the HW Tyrell 40 Advanced Studies for Bb bass, etude #34 features a lot of grace notes. A footnote at the bottom of the page says "as played:" and then shoes the rhythm as being two sixteenth notes instead of just grace notes. This is one of the all-state etudes down here in georgia, and i was just wondering which "version" most people prefer? I tried it both ways, and they both work and sound fine, but if I'm gonna practice i need to know which one to get down and dirty with.

I guess i'd have to specifically address this one to guys like David Zerkel and other really good players in Georgia who might be "in the know" with GMEA as to what they want.

I tried emailing GMEA before with another question, and since (being a student) I'm not a MEMBER, they sort of gave me the "sorry, members only" form email. Oh well.

thanks for any help


ps--should i just learn them both and play the thing twice in the audition? or would that be really dumb? im thinking dumb, but it would be funny. maybe not. ANYWAY, you know what i mean :-)

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