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Posted by Rick Denney on December 27, 2001 at 14:59:37:

While visited my wife's family last weekend, I had a chance to blow some air through the sousaphone that he had bought a few months ago. (Note to Joe: The bell was perfect--thanks!)

He thought it was a King sousaphone with a Conn bell. But as I looked at it, I realized it must be Conn through and through. But I'm no expert on Conn model numbers, so I'm asking.

It has a 24-inch bell, long-action valves (three of them), a leadpipe that leads straight into the first valve, a bore that is much larger than his King tuba (but I had no calipers--I'm guessing .730 or so), and what I recall as being an assymetrical tuning slide after the valves. It seems like a mid-sized sousie. The material is brass. I could find no markings anywhere on the instrument, other than a general-purpose Conn logo on the bell. The logo was not that old--it just said CONN, and that it was made in Elkhart. No naked ladies or "C.G."

The long-action valves were fine, and the instrument was straight with few dents. I thought it sounded great.

Is that enough to identify the model?

I was going to try to buy it from him for what he paid for it, but I think he now wants to keep it.

Rick "who wonders if 36J tubas played the same" Denney

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