Re: Old horn / leadpipe ?

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Posted by Matt Brown on December 31, 1999 at 01:11:03:

In Reply to: Old horn / leadpipe ? posted by Matthew Gaunt on December 29, 1999 at 12:35:14:

Hi Matt - interesting topic. Same thing happened to me with my last Bill Bell model. I had the leadpipe removed from the bell, and it played much better..... at first. but after about six months or so, i noticed it became increasingly hard to focus the notes in the middle and lower registers, and the sound seemed rather "dull".
My conclusion - it never played better after having the leadpipe removed. I PLAYED it better, but I believe that after I settled into it, the true colors of the horn came out. I was playing it the same way I had played my Bell Model(s) for the last 15 years - problem was IT didn't play the same anymore. It was a bit on the "dull" side, and from F below the staff on down it was very hard to get the notes to focus immediately. It seemed as if there was a VERY wide slot where each note COULD be.
I got rid of the horn. I thought about having the leadpipe put back on, but after 15 years of dealing with Bell Models I just traded it. (I'm not razzing Bell Models, I still like them and I love the sound of them - but I had just had enough of dealing with the headaches that go with the territory).
I got a G50 - problem solved.
Anybody else ever have anything like this happen?

Matt Brown

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