Re: Mirafone 181-6U Ftuba: what do you think

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Posted by Joe S. on December 25, 1999 at 22:18:51:

In Reply to: Mirafone 181-6U Ftuba: what do you think posted by Steve on December 22, 1999 at 15:48:54:

Admittedly, I bought one of these YEARS ago, but if it is still the same tuba, it is a copy of a "peran-touched" (bore too big in the valveset) B&S F. The one that I had was supplied with two mouthpipes, and had a beautiful appearance. I purchased it as the VERY LAST Mirafone 181 F sold by the San Antonio firm that used to do U.S. distribution. I was very glad when I sold it, and later the fellow that I sold it to was glad when HE sold it.

Besides the lack of a nice scale and the lack of nice response, mechanically, the rotors were built too heavy duty (too much mass) and I could never make them move fast enough to play the stuff that I play on my F. (John Williams, Armand Russell, woodwind transcriptions, etc. were unplayable). Believe me, those rotors were cleaned and CLEANED. Even after the drastic step of drilling out as much mass as possible from the rotors (four big "digs" into each rotor), they were still sluggish. The problem, again, was NOT the linkage NOR corrosion.

Summary: problems with scale, response, facility, but a beautiful lacquer job. (You should know by my posting history that I am not a "Miraphone Basher" at all...just the facts, Ma'am [IMHO].)

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