Re: MW 45 vs. Yamaha 822

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Posted by Mike Plake on December 21, 1999 at 21:14:03:

In Reply to: MW 45 vs. Yamaha 822 posted by Blitzen on December 21, 1999 at 21:01:17:

I have played the 822 several times and a friend of mine has an MW 45. I cannot tell you what their exact differences are (ie. bore size, bell diameter, etc.) but I will say I would prefer the MW as a solo horn. The 822 is a great horn and I love its big, rich sound for other things (quintet, orchestra etc) but the "F tuba sound" is not there like it is with the MW. Not everyone will agree with this but I think you get an F tuba for the differnce in sound, not the range. This is not a criticism of the 822 but I think it sounds like a CC tuba that is easier to play in the upper register. For some people that is great but when soloing I have a certain tuba sound in mind and I would want the MW for that. All that having been said, you are the one who has to be satisfied and this is just my opinion. Best of luck and Happy Hunting!


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