Re: lowest note on a tuba

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Posted by Jay Bertolet on September 01, 1999 at 08:25:49:

In Reply to: lowest note on a tuba posted by Pedal BBb on August 31, 1999 at 22:05:14:

The lowest note I know of is the double pedal C in the solo "Encounters II" by William Kraft. Basically, it is a fifty/fifty proposition when you talk to players that play this piece if they actually play the note or they flutter their tongue very slowly to simulate the frequency. I've seen it done both ways but for me, the extent of the practical CC tuba low range is around double pedal F or E, maybe Eb on a good day. I used a double pedal F once in a wind ensemble concert and afterwards, everybody came up to me and asked what happened. Nobody could figure out what that sound was. I was able to play the note pretty loud and it made some very interesting overtones!

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