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Posted by Joe S. on August 29, 1999 at 03:04:24:

In Reply to: Various Tuba stuff... posted by Chuck D. on August 29, 1999 at 00:04:21:

Sensemaya - Completely take it apart (rhythmically, of course) and put it back together again. After you completely understand and can execute it, get the complete tuba part and work on it with a recording until you can play all the way through the piece without errors.

Meistersinger - Maybe you shouldn't listen to me, because I really like to play F on a lot of things, but I have played Meistersinger on an F the last three times that I have been hired to do it. It really sings well on a good F, and it is hard to argue with the clarity. (Obviously, the F tuba that you would use MUST have an exceptionally good C below the staff.)

mouthpiece - I like a Rose Solo mouthpiece on the B&S F, but my R.S.-style (I don't play a Miraphone Rose Solo mouthpiece, but that is the closest "stock" thing to what I use.) mouthpiece happens to have a flatter, Bach-style rim. I know that the vast majority of tubenetters seem to like rounded-rim German-type mouthpieces, though.

Howser - I am ignorant, along these lines.

Bordogni - I've heard that there are some accompaniments on "Finale". I don't know about performances of the vocalises themselves. I don't think that those things are necessarily what artists would select to include on c.d.'s for sale, and I don't know about any educational recordings.

embouchure - I wouldn't dare comment on it with typed words being the only information or reference.

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