Re: Why a Hirsbrunner?

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Posted by Aran on August 23, 1999 at 01:05:41:

In Reply to: Why a Hirsbrunner? posted by Chris Lee on August 22, 1999 at 23:57:26:

I own a model 392. I think that is the HB-21. Fortunately I was able to buy it overseas for $9,000 (after shipping) a year ago brand new instead of having to deal with money hungry Fred Merrick and his henchmen at Custom Music. I played on several models before that. The PT-3, PT-4, PT-6, Neptune 6/4 and the Nirschl 4/4. The Nirschl probably comes closest to the Hirsbrunner. However the boldness of the hirsbrunner sound is umatched. At the time I was moving from a Bflat and I wasn't crazy about the light sometimes thing sound of a CC. Some of that can be attributed to the way I played at the time. But the sound and feel of the Hirsbrunner while played was so much different from the other models that I listed. Now I know that someone may say that I didn't try everything but I do think that I got a good representation of what was on the market a year ago. I believe that they are worth the money. But Fred tried to sell the HB-21tuba to me for
$14,995. You can get it cheaper everywhere else. I found out that he sells these at over 100% mark up. That is ridiculous. But they hold there value oh so well. I could sell mine for what I paid for it plus some. A friend of mine has one of the 5/4 handmade Hirsbrunners that He could sell for at least 10,000 when he bought it over 20 years ago. The horn is in excellent shape. Well that's my two cents. For all those angry BBS visitors it is MY opinion. Judge it as you must but please no childish reponses.


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