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Posted by Jim C. on May 01, 2002 at 14:28:50:

In Reply to: Rotary Valve Noise posted by Rocky Bivens on April 28, 2002 at 07:23:21:

Here's a few semi-free ideas that might help.
(1) flush the valve section with warm (not boiling) water. You may be surprised by the junk that comes out and how much faster your valves will move.
(2) tighten the bearings. I had EXACTLY the same problem of valves clicking on the end of the stroke. After fiddling with the linkage to no avail, a repairman suggested that I tighten the bearings a bit. Here's the idea: unscrew the valve cap. Grab a 6" length of 3/4" pvc (plastic) pipe and put the pipe on the bottom of the exposed valve so that the pipe is on the body of the valve (the nipple of the valve should be inside the pipe). Tap the end pipe with a rubber mallet. That will push the valve in to the casing and tighten the bearings. This SHOULD happen naturally when you screw on the end cap, but doesn't on 2 (of 5) of my valves. By the way, if you tap the valve in too far, it won't move at all. Don't try to force the valve to turn - just gently tap on the top of the valve until it releases.

The valve wiggles loose just from the vibrations of playing. That might be why your new horn does this after a just a year of playing.

Good luck!

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