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Posted by Hank on April 30, 2002 at 16:22:08:

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Writing a post taking Mike Seaman to task and including a grammatical error is somewhat akin to trying to get rid of a pack of wolves by waving a raw steak at them.

This board is really about communicating ideas. I know that, before I hit the "submit" button, I proofread each post so that I make sure I get my point across. When reading threads, I appreciate posts that I don't have to read several times to understand. When I see a post with a sixth grade spelling level, you can guess how seriously I take it. As for Mike, we don't know if he knows a damn thing about the tuba, but he knows the importance of proper english skills. Helping others communicate more clearly is his contribution to this community. Strangely, I think this contribution is both annoying and extremely valuable. I think Mike sincerely wants to raise the level of the bbs. Why he beats us over the head I'll never know, but he certainly has his place here. Maybe, if we can keep Mike from being distracted by spelling and grammar, we can get him to discuss the tuba instead.

Henry "This board is for all tubists, even the ones who wish they had taught english instead" Bogardus

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