Pat Sheridan Clinic last night

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Posted by JLB on April 30, 2002 at 09:17:34:

Went to the clinic at Rayburn Music in Boston last night. Hard to count noses, but there were more than 30 attendees crammed in the front of the shop.

Pat said he does what he does now because he loves being an entertainer, it just happens that his medium is the tuba. He successfully entertained us last night and also imparted much info and advice while getting the laughs.

The basic messages I took away were 1)the easy part of playing the tuba = learn how to breath right (with direction, examples and group practice), 2) the hard part = learn how to continue to breath right even when playing high/low/soft/loud/serenely/furiously, 3) all the pyrotechnics you see/hear/envy are skills you can learn with practice, practice, practice.

Set a goal (I want to do _____). Create a plan (To get there I will do _____). Then practice

Since Pat is (apparently) the only musician making a living as a solo tuba today, his discussion of basics, coupled with his execution of his results, was especially forceful. And for those of you who have been hung up on what horn, what mouthpiece... Pat mentioned the horn only in passing, as an amplifier for the musician. I went up after the clinic to ask Pat why he uses the Besson Eb. His answer: "It makes the sound I want to make."

All in all, it was well worth the time and attention.

Thanks, Pat, and thanks to Rayburn.
john (who went home and practiced) breyer

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