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Posted by Klaus (with a pic) on April 27, 2002 at 18:58:43:

In Reply to: Recital program quesiton posted by eric oliver on April 27, 2002 at 18:01:00:

Yes on both counts.

And if you can get a translation of the text from an English libretto without violating any copyrights, then you will have assured yourself the devotion of the midaged and elderly female segment of the public.

That is where the money sits in the long run. Because they are worth double up their numbers, as they are the ones that force their spouses to attend music performances.

I am not nice, I am not fair, I am only true. I like operas myself, but the financial foundation for most music involving vocals is the female urge to enjoy a good sob.

Plus one more female urge maybe.

A slightly off-beat anecdote might hopefully pass. I heard it back, when I was in 6xt grade. Translating catchtlines is a vulnerable business. However, if I say, that "organ" means the same in Danish and in English. Only that it also means the human voice in Danish.

The anecdote goes:

Two elderly ladies left the provincial theatre, where a famous baritone had done a much applauded Lieder recital.

Lady #1: "Didn't he display a wonderful organ?"

Lady #2: "Oh yes, I most certainly enjoyed it. But still, it might just have been a crease in his pants!"

While I lived in Copenhagen, I also went to a lot of ballets. Which wondered my friends in the orchestra quite a bit, as most male attenders mostly came in couples. Male couples.

Fortunately my beard was a ungroomed then as now, which took the burden of false assumptions off my shoulders.

The owner of the list, Grant Green, kindly helped me post a picture of my York Master BBb and myself on the page linked to below (you will have to scroll down a bit). The uniform is the one of the local band of the Danish State Railways. Perfectly the same as that of the train personel, but for an embroidered lyre (here covered by the tuba).

Objects of interest might be my homebrewed mouthpiece weigth design (out of a ships engine bronze nut) and the fact, that I am largely enough mouthed to keep my nose above the PT-50.

Eric: Sorry for the digressions. All the best for your recital!


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