Re: Are all 24AW's the same?

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Posted by js on April 26, 2002 at 08:22:05:

In Reply to: Are all 24AW's the same? posted by Marty Neilan on April 26, 2002 at 07:22:54:

69C4 - good, perhaps bright/clear (certainly not "deep/mellow") mouthpiece. Sort of a rounded interior rim (like many of the PT mpc's...Either you like it, put up with it, or hate it...not like the sharper "Bach"-style, nor "Helleberg"-style rim interiors.) I usually order them from Schilke with a (custom) .325" throat, because the standard throat is so small. ' great small tuba / F tuba mouthpiece. ' plenty of clarity and zing.

24AW - VERY wide rim (too much metal against the face? ...restrictive?). Fairly narrow embouchure (rim interior dimension) compared to deep cup and large throat (out of balance?)


Maybe a quality Bach 18 knock-off (like Blessing, etc.) would be a safe a cheap choice (??).

Joe "who doesn't care much for a Bach 18, but who realizes that it is middle-o'-the-road" S.

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