post-performance depression?

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Posted by tubadeer21 on April 25, 2002 at 21:08:02:

hi... i may be reaching here, but i am thinking about this a lot. i just gave my master's degree recital tonight. i feel like it went fairly well, and in the end that i have made a ton of improvement as a player. now as i look back though, i am really depressed that this is over! (it's like postpartum or something!) i have been wanting it over with and out of the way, but now that it is, it's almost to the point it makes me want to cry. i've done all this work and preparation, and now like that, it's all over and done.
i'm dealing with it by looking to the future and planning the next recital (whenever that may be), and thinking of ways to improve this repertoire that i want to keep.
so basically, i am just wondering if anyone else has ever felt like this, or am i being way overly sensitive about it?
thanks for any thoughts or opinions.

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