Re: help me pick a euph?

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Posted by Scott F. on April 22, 2002 at 19:39:49:

In Reply to: help me pick a euph? posted by Kenneth Sloan on April 22, 2002 at 13:55:32:

Yes, the Meinl and Miraphone compensating euphs (new) are cheaper than a new YEP-642S at all U.S. dealerships. Last time I checked (3 months ago), you could get a Meinl 451 or the Miraphone new at the Brasswind for around $3k. However recently you can get a new 642 on ebay for around the same price from one of the European outfits (I've seen 'em from Manchester and Helsinki). Bottom line is if he likes the 642S, you can get him one for around the same price. And with the legendary Yamaha consistency, you won't have to worry about getting a dog.

The new Miraphone compensating euphs are nice in my opinion. They have the FASTEST valves I've ever played on a euph...very nice! I tried one on trial at the Brasswind and played 5 of them at the Ft. Myer conference. The tone quality is VERY dark. If you're looking for a very dark sound all the time, look no further. However, the very dark tone made it difficult for me to "sing". It was just too dark for my taste. Intonation was on par with the 642S, quite excellent.

I've only played the Meinl 451 twice, this year and last year at the Ft. Myer conference. I thought it played a lot like a Yamaha 642-Dark sound overall but can be colored into giving a singing cantabile tone. Intonation was noticeably inferior compared with the Miraphone/Yamaha.

Of course you can get a used 642/641 on e**y for significantly less than $3k. With Yamaha, you don't have to worry about buying without play testing...period. Don't think I would try my luck with a used Meinl/Miraphone without pre-testing first.

These are all opinions of a mediocre amateur, but you CAN count on the Yamaha consistency.

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