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Posted by Klaus on April 20, 2002 at 21:23:58:

In Reply to: Free Music for tuba, brass quintet, band posted by Jason Guidry on April 19, 2002 at 17:22:25:

By the help of a contributor to this board, I got hand on the files for 3 pieces by Jason Guidry, which I was able to open in Finale 2002 and listen to through my MIDI box:

angustiis-adagio for brass quintet

The score (no parts available in this file relayed to me) says "concert score" which is not entirely true, as the parts are transposed for Bb trumpets and F horn plus the usual bass cleff concert for the trombone and the tuba. No key signatures in the parts. Accidentals are written when they are needed.

A very beautiful piece that will need strong senses for balance, harmony, tuning and precise execution of leaps, that are not always obvious to the ear. Modern, but with tonality. What I find most dubious about this movement is that it sounds like something, that I could have written myself. The piece most certainly is not jazz, but some chord structures are like those, that jazz players work with.

The score is quite cleanly written, even if not all aspects of spacing have been solved.

Renaissance Dance for small wind band

Clearly written for a school band of students having played for 2 or 3 years. The MIDI playback of the opening 4/4 section is set to quarter note = 80. I find it sounds better at 108. The file has capped the 6/8 section which I can not say much about, but for the use of syncopation in the few bars available to me

Looks/sounds promising for its apparent purpose, even if I do not hear much Renaissance music in it.

Song of the Kites - Japanese Folk Song for small wind band

Once more a score for a young band. The setting is better and more interesting than in the piece above. The tonality caught my ear.

I like when a young composer/arranger offers free and interesting music for ensemble types, that are offered so much badly made commercial junk.

Obviously there are some technical aspects in the presentation on the net and in the use of music engraving software, that would need to be straightened out a bit.

Still I can only recommend and encourage the initiative. It most certainly shows perspectives, that are worth watching as they, hopefully, will develop furtherly.


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