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Posted by js on April 20, 2002 at 00:21:12:

In Reply to: un-laquered horns posted by tubajermz on April 19, 2002 at 23:27:26:

1/ The tuba gets purchased new. The new owner thinks, "Wow! This tuba is BEAUTIFUL!!!"

2/ It gets put into a dent-bag, carried around, and dented up.

3/ After it starts to look so bad that its owner begins to feel like a dork, he takes it in to a repairman to have it put back like new.

4/ The repairman tells him, "I can unsolder the bottom bow, and take out most of the dents, but it will burn your lacquer."

5/ The guy starts to think and says, "How much will it cost to take out the dents and completely relacquer the instrument?"

6/ The repairman replies, "about 2000 bucks", but I can strip off the lacquer for a lot less and let you shine it up yourself the best you can with Brasso.

7/ The tuba's owner thinks and remembers, "YEAH, THAT'S IT!!! unlacquered = custom = PROFESSIONAL = C-O-O-L!!!"

8/ The tuba's owner turns to the repairman and says, "Sure, remove all that you can of those horrible, bell, bottom bow, and top bow creases and dents, and strip the lacquer."

9/ When he gets it back, he carries it around in his dent-bag some more, re-creases and re-dents it and takes it back in to another (because he doesn't want the original repairman to think he's a double-dork) repairman to re-remove all of the bad dents.

10/ At this point, he boldly states to the repairman, "This is an old horn that I picked up, and I'd like to get it back in good shape. I don't care about cosmetics, I just want these dents removed that are interfering with the sound."

11/ A year or so later, he goes to a big tuba shindig or big tuba store (generic term) and sees a bunch of shiny tubas. He really likes the way that they shine and buys one of them with a brand new space-age dent-bag after...

12/ he offers his old "brown, twice-fixed, and somewhat dented up a third time tuba" for sale on the internet and sells it...


...and the music goes round and round whoooa-ohhh-ohhh-whoooa-ohhh-ohhh and it comes out here.

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