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Posted by RM on April 10, 2002 at 14:15:17:

In Reply to: Re: Atkins Diet and tuba playing. posted by Klaus on April 10, 2002 at 09:47:47:

With all due respect Klaus,

Carbohydrates are not a type of energy, per se. What happens is that they are broken down into glucose which is the fuel of your body. This is called gluconesis.

Gluconesis of fats can and does happen. But this is only situations where the body does not have an excess of carbohydrates to turn to first.

Protien is not perfered over fats as a fuel unless its a last resort. Think about it. Protein must be used to repair muscle tissue first. Muscles are made of proteins! Gluconesis of protein occurs only in a "last ditch"(stravation) state. When this happens, you are in trouble.

I think it is important to bear in mind that "glucose is glucose is glucose". Your body cant tell the difference!

Good comment on the water! That is crucial peroid!

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