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Posted by Elliot on April 09, 2002 at 18:14:49:

In Reply to: BBb vs. CC posted by Kyle Cabral on April 08, 2002 at 22:08:57:

I bought the 52J when it came out, and made my switch then from BB-flat to CC (halfway through sophmore year). With solid practicing (not all that intense, about an hour a day) it took me about 3 weeks to learn the fingerings relaly solidly, and the time flies. I find the switch I made was definatey the right one, for a couple reasons, but none really as a result of any of the potential resons you posted (in the form of questions). Did that make sense? Probably the biggest resaon I'm glad I have a CC horn instead of a BB-flat (we're only talking about the key it's in, nothing about the individual horn) is because a lot of the keys that orchestra music is written in works a lot better in terms of ease and intonation.
However, whoever said that it depends on the player not the insrument was right in some ways, but i would extend that to say that it depends on the player and the horn, but raely ever on the key of the horn. I have tried CC horns with better high range then the one i play right now (it's a matter of the player, the bore size, the mouthpice), and I've played some BB-flat horns and some CC horns with relaly good low ranges. You can find horns of all qualities in both keys.
So definatley switch to CC, learn the fingiering, but find a horn that works well with you, because you can find one who's high range and low range match well with what you've already got set up chopswise.

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